Sean McVeigh, founder of McVeigh Ministries, started teaching Catechism classes and guest speaking as a college student in the late 1990s. He later put his passions for guest speaking and teaching aside in order to discern God’s will for his life. He also used that time to write several books that could be used to help teach and inspire Catholics in their faith.

More recently, Sean has  felt called to start a new movement in the Church called “Strengthen My Church.” It represents Jesus Himself asking each one of us to personally help strengthen His Church on earth. The focus of this movement is on each one of us growing closer to God and deepening our own faith so that we can effectively share it with others. The pillars of this movement are family life, theology, and spirituality. Involved with these pillars are things like learning how to evangelize, living a life a chastity according to your state in life, and also creating a culture in our own lives that is supportive of vocational discernment to the priesthood, religious life, marriage, and the single state in life. Please enjoy all  of the free videos Sean has produced—and continues to produce—to help provide guidance, education, and inspiration in this all-important movement. Please also “like,” “subscribe” to, and “share” his videos with others to help us spread this movement. Thank you and God bless you.